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Our Products

Every Royal Chicken box contains
meat that's :

  • Hygienically Packed
  • Stringent Quality Checks
  • Certified 100% Halal cut
  • Antibiotic Residue free
royal chicken
royal chicken

Breeding Farm

Royal Chicken carefully handpicks the chicken breeds and provides a natural habitat for them.


Hatchery and Broiler Farm

The birds are grown and taken care in a superior hygienic environment in ultra-modern bio-secured farms.


Royal Chicken Shops

The live chicken are then transported to our state of the art facilities where they are maintained in a neat and hygienic environment.


Cuts and Sizes

The meat is then cut on your order to different sizes and specifications by well trained butchers and food grade equipment.


Instant Delivery

The chicken is then delivered using our world class delivery to your homes in just 90 Minutes.


Great Food

Tender, juicy and fresh Royal chicken ensures that you have a healthy and tasty meal every time.